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Hello Chalupa and Flower Girl and to all!!

I have a couple of questions for you -- First of all Chalupa -- do you have any other health conditions that you take any medications for? What sort of breathing problems do you have? Have you had a pulmonary function test done? Do any asthma medications help you breath better?
-- I too developed sever breathing problems a few months ago - I had (2) pulmonary function tests that showed NOTHING -- I was put on Flovent anyway (2) puffs twice a day and Albuterol for 'rescue' - hardly ever helped...... I also have genetically High Blood Pressure and am taking Toprol XL (a beta blocker) - my SOB and breathing problems just HAPPENED to start when I was switched without my knowledge to the generic version of it. Now I am back on the regular Toprol - but the effects are lasting.

Flower Girl -- I too believe that my breathing problems are related to medication AND to GERD which I beleive was caused by my Beta Blocker (Toprol) -- within the 4 years that I have been taking it I had a total hysterectomy (except for ovaries) at only 28 years old - had my gallbladder removed (still have pain and stomach aches), developed what the Drs. SAY is asthma, and have had ovarian cysts. NOW GERD and a suspected Hiatal Hernia. I believe that while a medication can help us feel better we must MUST take the time to research its possbile long term side effects and interactions.

I am only 34 years old and struggle daily to feel 'good' again. NOW the Prilosec that I was taking for GERD and suspected Hiatal Hernia (which by the way Chalupa - really HELPED my breathing) --- UNTIL it started causing me severe upper chest spasms and tightness :( :(

I am trying to stop the Prilosec and find a new HBP medication that will not upset my stomac - so far I have tried 3 others unsuccesfully (due to MORE unwanted side effects)

Good luck to you all - and thank GOD we have each other!