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My 2 year old daughter has asthma that we think is only triggered by respiratory infections. She has had two serious attacks and we have been to a specialist. He prescribed Pulmicort to use twice a day at the first sign of a cold. He told us this is an experimental way of prescribing it since it is usually prescribed as a daily use controller med. (My daughter goes months without any symptoms.) We visited the pediatrician a few days ago to discuss a cold that my daughter can't seem to kick. The serious symptoms are gone but she continues to have a dry, sometimes wet throat cough a couple times a day. The Ped was amazed that a specialist would prescribe Pulmicort the way we have been using it and thinks it would be better to be giving her Albuterol during a cold to stave off an attack. I am so confused! We were feeling confident that she has been through two bad colds this winter with no asthma attack, and now it has been three months since her last attack. I thought albuterol should be reserved for emergencies like rapid breathing and shortness of breath. Should I be concerned about this lingering cough? She has been on Augmentin now for five days to eliminate the possibility of a sinus infection.
I have 2 children with asthma. I take them 2 hours away to a pulmonologist who is wonderful. My children are both on preventive medication year around and have the albuterol as a nebulizer when their asthma is "acting up". the preventives help have less "acting up" times. If you don't feel right or are questioning things. Please seek another opinion as I have had doctors tell me "you know your children". Coughing at night is one of the signs of asthma.
Hope this helps some.
I was told that sometimes a cold can trigger asthma. My son is 15 months and we were given a nebulizer with his last chest cold. He had some wheezing. We were given a prescription of Albuterol. Perhaps you can seek a second opinion?

Also, my husband had horrible childhood asthma and I was told it is hereditary. Is there a history of it in your family?
Yeah, i've never heard of it being used only when you get a cold. My son (who is 2.5) is on pulmacort. In 2007, he was in the hospital twice with pneumonia, had it 2 other times that he didn't have to be hospitalized and had RSV. They started him on pulmacort twice a day about 5 months ago, now he is down to once a day. (the way it works is it kinda coats the lungs with steriods to make them stronger and prevent any lung issues and is not harmful like taking steriods by mouth) And the dr. told me that at the start of a cold to start him on albuterol 3 times a day.(which i have only had to do once, since on the pulmacort) I am proud to say, that since he has been on it, i have only had to take him to the dr. once, and that was about 2 weeks after he started taking it. He is doing great. It even helps with his skin allergies. So we love it. I call it the miracle drug. I just hope they come up with a generic. it is so expensive. And i hope we can wean him off soon too. But you do what you have to do to keep your babies well!