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She has always been a good sleeper. She sleeps 11 hours at night and takes a 1 hour nap almost every day. It used to be a longer nap, but getting rid of the pacifier complicated that. (She naps on the living room couch now.) She's a pretty picky eater, but she loves fruit and a wide variety of vegetables. I probably give her more cookies than she needs, but almost all of her cookies and snacks are organic. I used to yell during her tantrums, but I quickly learned that just fuels the fire. Now I stay calm and neutral. As far as asthma meds go, we gave her Pulmicort over the winter, but only during colds. (Not the typical way to use an inhaled steroid, I understand.) Her last cold was about three weeks ago. She was on prednisone for a few days in October, and that was the last time she had albuterol. Do these facts help you come to any conclusion?