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Hi. I have a 7 month old baby who was diagnosed with RSV at 3 months old (she actually had the swab test done, so it was confirmed). When she was 4 months, she was hospitalized for a week because of the bronchiolitis that occured from the RSV and her oxygen level was down to 84 (we were told 100 is normal). She is now having severe coughing episodes again and her Ped has switched her medication from Albuterol to some sort of steroid cocktail to use with her nebulizer twice a day. We also have her elevated in her crib at night since her coughing is worse at night and we have a cool mist humidifier running all night long for her.

My husband and I are exhausted with the driving back & forth to the ER, Ped, and just with the worrying about her health. She's just a baby; no child or parent should have to suffer through this or any horrible illness.

I hope any one out there can relate to some of what we are going through. If anyone has advice on what else we can do for her, please let me know. We know there's not much we can do medicine wise other than the nebulizer treatments, but anything to help ease her during her episodes or just make her more comfortable throughout the day would be great! Oh, our Ped mentioned the possibility of seeing a Ped Pulmonologist. Has anyone taken their child to one and if so, how was that experience?

Thank you so much to anyone who can share some advice!
My 3 month old had bronchiolitis last week with wheezing. The albuterol treatment didn't help, so the ped gave her an epiniphrine treatment. She was better two days later. I have a toddler with asthma and have learned that cool mist humidifiers can actually do more harm than good because of the mold factor. Using saline nose drops is just as effective and doesn't harm the air in your child's room. Good luck!