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I was on a number of allergy medications and even asthma medications because it's allergy triggered. However, I am only on sigular right now. I use rhinecort, advair, albuterol and xopenex. Not to mention I always have benedryl on hand.

I've look around locally for the cheaper versions of the covers, all I can really find are waterproof covers and simple matress protectors. It's hard to find them for full beds and up. They sell more for twin sized for children. I did ask the store specifically if they could order a specific type of covering and the manager asked me to come see him in a week so he can try to find something through his distributor. I thought that was really nice and I hope it works out well.

I did find out that the rainbow vacuum cleaner isn't one recommended to reduce allergens. I guess it's not certified, but it does clean very well and again it traps everything in a vat of water so it doesn't spit anything out through an exhaust.

Stuffed animals are all bagged save for one small teddy bear that has some sort of a beaded-like stuffing. It was made in the early 80's. Never put up curtains. Our washer is old, but we can't afford a new one at the moment. The worst part is that this place is all covered with carpet. So I tend to vacuum a lot! We live in an apt and they are unable to remove the carpet for allergy reasons. Does anyone know of any carpet cleaners or allergen reduces I could use on the carpet? I tried a store brand one that had a lavender scent, but it made me sneeze more than anything so I dismissed the idea.

I guess I'm still new to having so many allergies. I was never this bad before so it seems a bit weird to me. I live in a small town that doesn't offer a lot of different options.

They started the shots because after being on so many medications for server allergies they figured it would help me the best if it takes well to my system. I checked in with my allergist from the new issue I had with the capri sun and he did say it sounded like oral allergy syndrome and to be careful while I am on the shots because they are treating me for pollen. He also suggest freezing or cooking the fruit and veggies as it helps some how with not having a reaction.

Has anyone tried this idea and if so, did it work out well? I haven't had peache cobbler in a while! Lol.