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HI,I am new at this so please excuse the wording.
Last night,after drinking one-half bottle of a wine cooler I felt like somthing was stuck in my throat. I started to gag and had trouble swallowing. I could breath ok at the time but I realized that my throat had swollen and that was causing the choking that I was experiencing. Just prior to drinking the wine cooler I had taken an acid reducer for heartburn and used my Albuterol inhaler. Has anyone out there ever experienced this symptom after drinking wine coolers?
It sounds like an allergic reaction.

Just in case it was an allergic reaction to the Wine Cooler, check the label for the ingredients. Most of them aren't wine at all. They're malt liquor with fruity flavors. So to be safe, I'd avoid beer, malt liquor and and other bottled flavored alcoholic drinks - until you know if it was an allergic reaction.

I'd also check the package inserts for Albuterol (or look it up online), to see if you should avoid alchohol or any other ingredients while taking it. Alchohol can interact with many medications, either making them stronger, weaker, or causing some other side effects.