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Hi ive seen your replies and you seem well educated maybe you can help me out. ill try to make this as short as possible. Ive had chronic headaches since i was about 13 or 14 i had a ct scan when i was about 16 because i bumped heads with a roller skater all came back normal. ive dealt with the headaches until recently they got kinda worse after i had my daughter. My doc put me on inderal i was border line high bp (as a result of Birth control pills i assumed). the inderal was mainly to help with headaches. didnt work. i stopped the birthcontrol pill 6 months ago. In the middle of april i went off inderal and he gave me topamax for headaches 3 weeks into taking topamax (which helped the headaches) i felt like i was going crazy i had this over all uneasy feeling like something bad was gonna happen. doc told me to stop taking it and i did. so i was OFF topamax for about 3 weeks. in that time i started taking aleve for headaches i developed a weird pinchng feeling in my chest shoulder and down my left arm into my pinky finger i got scared went to ER they did an EKG chest xray all was normal. So then i "dealt" with headaches tried taking no pain relievers. This past monday (5days) ago i in the afternoon i started feeling "off balance" not dizzy but weird" it does not effect my walking or driving and the room does not spin. so monday night i continued topamax because headaches were back and doc told me to stop so i stopped on wednesday night (3 pills) thursday i decided while i was running around i would stop off at rite aid and check my BP when i did it was normal but my pule was 143 i went ahead to my meeting and came back home nervous about it and it was down to 112 (i bought a home bp checker while i was there) doc got me in to see him yesterday ran anemia test it was negative. now im waiting for electrolyte blood results. my pulse was a steady 100 when i was there in his office he said it is not heart related. This morning i woke up came downstairs to check my pulse and it was 120. i started the inderal again this morning and since then it has stayed in the 80`s. my dizziness is hard to describe it feels like one eye is wrong. i just had a new eye exam on thursday and got new contacts. dizziness does not seem to be as prominent as it was in the middle of the week. and it doesnt stop me from doing things and it does not get worse when i bend over or move my head. Dr also said i have TMJ on left side (headaches always start on left side and left side of neck and down arm aches from time to time) What im worried about is some heart problem they are not looking for. he said theres no reason to further look into heart issues. he mentioned hormonal problems. thyroid test was normal. Sorry this is so long! maybe someone can give me some answers.
Thanks for your time. forgot to mention i am 28