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I started on it about 11 months ago. It got my BP down the first week from 180/95 to 135/75. And over the 11 months it was usually around that or lower. It was a little elevated in February but we chalked it up to a busy day in the doc's officer as they were shuttling people around - lot's a flu going around her then. Anyway, changed to the 320 when I finally realized after 2 weeks of feeling light headed and some pressure above my eyes thatit wasn't my allergies or diet but that it might be my BP and I had it checked. It was 162/88. So far so good. Have been on it since last Wednesday and yesterday my BP was 111/77.

I'm not a fan of taking multiple meds for an issue unless there is no alternative. I'm already taking HRT, zyrtec, the Diovan and 2 Aleve every morning...along with one puff of Flovent for my asthma. I'm not looking to add to that regimen!