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Hi everyone, I'll try to summarize this and keep it short.

- 28 year old female
- Sinus infection, bronchitis in Aug-Sept 06.
- Broke 2 ribs I was coughing so much.
- Persistent cough despite 4 rounds of antibiotics (Azith x3 Amox once) and prednisone. And Advair diskus inhaler. And albuterol.
- Blood work revealed Walking Pneumonia in Dec 06.
- Round of antibiotics (clarithromycin). Still coughing.
- Another round of clarith. Still coughing.

* The only thing that seems to really work in Allegra-d, but I'd rather treat the problem, not just mask it.

Allergist tried plan A:

- Mucinex, nasonex for week if it's sinuses/allergies.
- Still coughing.

Allergist tried plan B:

- Took prevacid for GERD. Cough improved. Had to stop after a few days because of heartburn and pressure under breastbone. Cough returned.

- Today: we are trying zantac, but the prescription one. I'm thinking it's ranitidine.

So I am thinking this is stomach-related though I have no stomach pains, no heartburn, no gas, no indigestion. Why else would prevacid work?

And why is there a stomach problem? Antibiotics killed all my good bacteria and my stomach is having problems digesting food? Or a hiatal hernia from all the coughing?

I don't feel poorly. I'm tired some days because the cough keeps me from sleeping well. I felt very rested when I was on the prevacid.

Things I have noticed in the past few months:
- had heart palpitations twice while laying down (pre-prevacid).
- alcohol makes the cough worse
- had yeast infections
- had fungal/yeast-related rashes

Oh, and I am going to try the ACVinegar tonight. I did not have AC at home, just white distilled. I took it and I coughed harder. What does that mean?

Lifestyle: exercise, right weight for my age and height. Don't smoke. Don't eat junk food.

Thanks for your patience and for reading. I'm so tired of coughing.

It has been almost a week since I started with the AC Vinegar (Bragg's with the mother) and I have seen noticeable improvement. I'd say it's on par with the week's trial dose of Prevacid in terms or controlling my cough with the exceptions: AC Vinegar is 1) cheaper 2) not causing hearburn 3) actually correcting the problem, not making it worse.

This is how I think my problems began:
- repeated infections treated with antibiotics (6 rounds over a period of 6 months!)
- antibiotics kill good bacteria along with bad
- lack of good bacteria leads to too much yeast
- too much yeast reduces production of stomach acid
- lack of stomach acid can also cause heartburn and GERD symptoms
- PPI drugs cut down even more on stomach acid production, thus creating my heartburn, which only started up after a couple days on Prevacid.

This is what I figured out with a little research on the web. If anything is blatantly wrong, please feel free to correct me. I tried to verify this stuff at reputable medical websites.

So, I'm pretty pleased. I'm sleeping better at night (probably because I'm not coughing). I haven't had to take cough meds or allegra-d during the week.(note: the allegra-d helped the coughing, not because it is allergy related, but I think because my esoph/throat would get congested from the mucus production and allegra-a is geared towards decongestion regardless of where it is. At least, this is how I understand it.)

A couple day's into the ACV, I stopped getting the prevacid-induced heartburn.

I can even consume trigger foods now without coughing like mad afterwards (coffee, chocolate, diet coke, alcohol in modest amounts).

I'm just not sure how long I should be taking the ACV. I don't want to fix the problem and then create a whole new problem by having too much acid.

Note: dosage was 2 tblsp ACV in water with bfast, lunch and dinner. And raw garlic a couple times a day.

Hope this helps someone!