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Hi All,

After living with a chronic cough for several weeks while doctors tried to figure out what was wrong, I was finally diagnosed with LPR. My ENT thinks I also have an allergy component to it....I've been taking allergy meds for several years now.

The other symptom I have had for the last few weeks is a feeling of something in my throat I cannot swallow or cough up.

Anyway, for the last 4 days, I've been on Prevacid 2x daily, Mucinex 2x daily, Tums at night, plus my allergy meds (Allegra-D and Rhinocort). My doctor said I would probably see improvement in 2-3 days, but so far, I'm still coughing like crazy. It's non-stop. I hardly have a minute or two go by where I'm not couging.

And now, since yesterday, I have a very severe pain in my side, just under my lower right rib. Not only does it hurt when I cough, it is very tender to the touch. And I believe it feels harder than my left side.

Does anyone know what this rib tenderness could be? I don't think it's from coughing. Should my coughing be less frequent, or is it too early to expect some relief?

Thank you