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Quote from coffin_along:
I am having the same problem with the phlegm. I am off dairy now so it isn't that and I have tried a nasal spray that the chemist recommended but it didn't work..

Anyone else have any suggestions?


Do you regularly take an antihistamine? Have you made any changes since you started having this problem like moving/working somewhere new?

I only have this problem regularly during allergy season when i don't take my antihistamine (whether it be a little benadryl, claritin, allegra). I have mild allergies so they would drain and clear depending on the pollen/mold severity. Actually i once linked excess allergy problems to my job....i would be clear all night and they would drain and then when i went to work they would start to clog up again. It was so mild I only noticed the pattern during my peak problem times (spring & fall) By 5:30pm i was desperate for any allergy medication.
Upon taking the said medication my sinuses would quickly drain themselves without the need for a Decongestant - unless I waited too long and let it go for a couple days...As my good doctor continually points out continual use of a prescription antihistamine would resolve this but i prefer to go it naturally as long as possible.

Perhaps there is something in your environment that you are mildly allergic to?
If so taking nasal sprays and decongestants won't resolve your problem since as soon as you clear you will clog.

I don't usually post here but I had to say what's working for me. I have that exact same phlegm ball and Flonase Allergy Nasal Spray has worked miracles. I've tried Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec with little success. But Flonase did the job. It's a prescription but any family doc. should be fine with giving it.

may, i completely emphasize. i had so much phlegm in my throat a few weeks ago i was so scared of suffocating, or choking whenever i ate. it's a very scary feeling- the phlegm can be caused by an infection, a cold, or allergies. go to your doctor so she/he can rule out the chances of an infection and then you'll be put on a decongestant and probably allergy medication.

it might take a week or two until you feel better. i was originally put on clarinex and simply saline (salt water spray) but i needed something stronger. i was then put on allegra and flonase, it took two weeks until i felt a big difference. the side effects are annoying- i am light headed, drowsy, and have almost no saliva in my mouth, but i'm glad to be rid of the choking feeling.

this may be seasonal allergies (i'm apparently allergic to the indoor air and forced heat during winter) so once spring is here, your problem may completely dissapear.