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Not that I disagree with homeopathy (if it works for you, good, but I don't agree with those who think removing 'toxins' is what you need.) but I was always a healthy person (eating, exercise, etc) and started getting hives 2 years ago last december at age 20. My hives were very bad and I would wake up with them every morning with them all over my body except my face. Food elimination and anti-hist's did not work and this lasted for about 12 months. This literally put a hold on my life, as its hard to deal with hives all over (as you know).

Then they started to change (with no change in my lifestyle) into getting hives only from exercise and pressure. Now, 2 years later (I am 22 now) I get the hives ONLY from pressure or heavy exercise. I no longer wake up with them all over and have not had a bad case since I found out I was allergic to allergra (yes, allergic to allegra!) I have learned to limit them now by staying as cool as possible while exercising (avoiding raising my core body temp). I now get just a small rash from exercise and hope that the trend continues and they will go away soon.

So in my case I am lucky to have a decrease in hives, especially after never finding the culprit. It has been 2 years (which is short compared to most) and they have very gradually decreased over the last 12-13 months. So unless you can find a specific allergen (and the FIRST thing you should try is an elimination diet), you may have to settle in for a long fight. :/