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just wondering what people had as side effects on allegra and/or flonase, and if any of them are weird?

i'm on both and most of my nasal drip is gone, but one side of my head has been bothering me. it feels like something is in the left side of my throat, but when i swallow, it's gone. sometimes, my left ear bothers me, and a few times a day the left side of my throat feels sore. i've been so uncomfortable that i saw a doctor in the ER on sunday, and he ran some tests and said i am fine and just have dry mouth.

anyway, has anyone experienced this or other side effects?
The Flonase never bothered me but the Allegra made me kinda light headed and dizzy. I had to stop taking it.
i, too, am light headed on allegra. i feel like i cannot wake up. but i have to choose this or i have to live with having really bad post nasal drip and fearing i'll choke from all the phlegm in my throat.