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I have been taking Allegra everyday for almost 2 years. I use to take Allegra every night before bed but I was waking up 4 up to 8 times a night in a panic. I thought snakes or spiders were in my bed. So I started taking the Allegra in the morning, my night terrors went away for a while. I now wake up in the middle of the night screaming but only once or twice a night. What is going on? Is this due to the Allegra or ?????? Thank you
I take Allegra occassionally, and have taken it both at night and in the morning. I haven't noticed any extreme symptoms like you have described. I do on occassion have crazy dreams, but I've always attributed them to stress and never tried correlating them with medications. However, I'm a pretty good sleeper and even when I was taking antimalarial medication that specifically lists weird dreams as a side effect I didn't have weird dreams. Actually, it seemed to stop the weird dreams...

So anyway, no I don't experience those symptoms, but I'm just one unique individual. Did you read the patient info? Usually that lists possible side effects. You could call and ask the doctor, too. Good luck.
I take Allegra-D twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and my ex boyfriend is on it daily as well like that. Neither of us ever had any dreams like you are describing. Different people react differently to different medications, though, so I'm sure it's possible, especially if you started having the dreams right after beginning Allegra, that Allegra may have been a cause.
I just started taking Allegra-D a couple weeks ago and my sleep has been very disturbed. I've been trying not to take it within a few hours of going to bed.

Disturbed sleep IS listed as a possible side effect.
I would put money that your dream symptoms are from the "D" part of the Allegra-D. The D is for the decongestent part and I've noticed that when I use any OTC decongestents (e.g. sudafed) I can have some crazy dreams (although not as severe as what you are describing). Maybe if you can get away with no decongestent, try regular Allegra and see if your symptoms lesson. I didn't seem to have any problems on regular Allegra. Also, try to take your pill in the morning rather than right before bed.
Good luck.