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I know what you are talking about. One day at work, completely out of the blue, everything around me just went into a weird haze, and i still havent snapped out of it. That was 6 months ago. My vision is blurry, i went to an optomitrist he said my eyes were fine. I feel spaced, my doc gave me allegra d and sitrex and cipro, and nothing worked. I have just learned to live with it hoping I'll wake up normal, and I'm so scared something else is seriously wrong with me. Just does not seem like a typical allergy symptom, even though i stay with my friend who owns cats and I'm allergic to them. I have anxiety problems too. Trust me, i know its freaky, I hope it goes away for you. It hasn't yet for me.

The vision problems I'm, having don't seem like they are caused by wateryness or itchiness. I feel light sensitive, like I'm asleep, and only occasionally do i sneeze or cough. If you'd like to talk, my email is [ please carefully review the posting rules - no emails ] I'm Katie. :)