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Hi, Sunflower.

This sure does sound familiar. I started having occasional lightheadedness about 2 months ago. My doc said it looked like a sinus infection. The inside of my nasal passages were swollen, and my turbinates are nearly touching my septum. A few days later, I definitely had a nasty sinus infection - took 2 rounds of antibiotics, and the infection left. HOwever, my turbinates a re still very swollen, and the lightheadedness continues. I had sinus surgery 4 years ago, and I seem to remember have similar swelling. I am going back to the ENT in 3 weeks. I do have allergies as well, which I think cauase the swelling.

I do use Nasonex and Allegra, but haven't noticed any real improvement. I am thinking that I will have to have another surgery to reduce my turbinates.