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Alright, my sinuses have been driving me absolutely mad for about 2 weeks...lol...went to the doc...said no infection, but it could turn into one--and to come back in 10 days if I wasn't better. Well, I never went back to my GP, since I had an appointment with the allergist...so I figured I'd just bring my questions to him. He said no infection, but to just use my Flonase 1 squirt in each nostril, twice a day. Then I got some samples of Allegra, and I'm hoping maybe that will dry up whatever snot is hanging out up there for now. Beacuse I don't think the Flonase is really doing anything to *dry up* what is up there and has been hanging out and dripping down my throat for two weeks. Well, I wanted all these issues to resolve by the time Spring Break came, but no such luck. We're leaving Saturday to take a trip to a warmer/dryer part of the state (although, it's been pretty nice here all month, all winter really...although, the last few days it's been rainy/cooler) and my stepdad said that might dry up my sinuses and I might come back feeling better. I think either that will happen, *or* I'll come back feeling absolutely horrible, because I've had some *killer* sinus issues over there before...heh. What do you guys think?

Also, any ideas on how to clean up this current flare up and get all that junk out? How long should I wait to call my doc and let him know I'm feeling no better? I saw him Tuesday (3-15-03).