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okay i've been in allergy hell for two months. have tried clarinex and allegra (60mg) but they weren't strong enough for me. the only thing that helped alleviate my symptoms was flonase. i basically have had SO much phlegm in my throat i constantly felt like i was choking or suffocating. i thought i'd have to live with this every winter (they think it is winter allergies from forced heat in my house) until yesterday when i was started on zyrtec, 10mg once a day. ALL THE PHLEGM IS GONE, HALLELJUAH. but there is one slight problem...

i feel like i just downed a whole bottle of nyquil. i went to bed at 7:30 last night and slept for 14 1/2 hours and had all these weird dreams. i can function alright but i feel like i am on cloud nine. i understand drowsiness is a side effect- but does this lessen with time? will my body adjust and will i be able to take zyrtec without feeling so exhausted? i don't want to give up on this medication when i finally feel like i can breathe, but man, i could go to bed right now and pass out in two seconds flat. anyone with experiences or advice?