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I'm in Southern California and have ocassionally suffered from seasonal allergies. It's not every year though, for some odd reason.

This year is a doozy (maybe because of record rainfall??)- and I took Allegra 180mg last night before bedtime.

Is it too soon to tell whether this drug will work for me? I'm still sneezing away like a mad thing this morning, and feel no different.

Give it more time?

zuzu xx
it does take time for it to build up in your system. i'd give it a week, at least. i got really weird symptoms as my body adjusted to it. i was on allegra, 30mg twice a day, it wasn't strong enough for me but it helped. if you don't see any improvement then i'd go back to your doctor and maybe ask about zyrtec (worked wonders for my seasonal allergies.)
I find Claritan to be more helpful for me. Allegra didn't help me at all.
Actually, Allegra was the one that did help me. More so than Claritan.