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My daughter has suffered with allergies since childhood. She was tested at age 14, and found to have many airborne allergies, plus a few food allergies. She also has allergy induced asthma. She is currently taking Singulair, Allegra, and of course her regular inhalers...albuterol, shes' been on Advair for a couple years, up until last week ( due to insurance issues ) None of the allergy meds have done much good. She is constantly stuffy,has major PND, cough , throat clearing, ect. BTW, she's 25 now, so this is a long standing issue. My concern is her recent hoarse voice. I did get her some Zycam last week, which she says helps a lot with the nasal issues. She also was exposed to cigarette smoke quite a bit before the voice thing happened....and had to shout more than usual..party, loud music and all !! She cleaned out her car too.....used Febreeze on everything. I was just wondering if any of you have experianced hoarseness due to allergies? I'm thinking it's the bottom line of the whole thing, combined with all the other stuff she did at the same time. I've told her to gargle with warm salt water and take vit C...and drink plenty of fluids....she refuses to take my advice, stupid Mom, what do I know :rolleyes: !! I know the PND can be very irritating to the throat. Any input is really appreciated....anyone had the voice thing???
Thanx much, Ruth