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I have been taking Allegra D for several years now and I have found that this year has been awful for me. I have already had at least 3 sinus infections and I just don't feel like its working for me. Is there any other meds that I can take instead of this one medicine? Thanks in advance! :confused:
Allegra never did any good for me...Claritin either...Zyrtec seems to be the only one and I sometimes take a decongestant with it...usually Sudafed...I have cat and dog allergies and Zyrtec is approved for that...
For me, Zyrtec works better than Allegra, but Allegra-D is a good medicine. Have you thought about adding a nose spray to your routine?
I've been on Allegra-D for a few years and have had some problems recently, too, even when using it and Flonase. My doctor added Singulair as well and that has really helped me so far.
My friend is on Zyrtec and is having some bad allergy problems with it as well, so I think maybe in some parts allergy season is just particularly bad this year.