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I was on Prednisone as a teenager for continous asthma attacks caused by chest congestion. I was continously developing pneumonia from them, and I found the steroids great, but I hated the side effects. I didn't know your supposed to wean yourself off them, so I stopped taking them, boy was that a mistake. I had major stomock cramps, nausea, minor continous trembling and shaking, my doctor got so angry at me :nono: . At the moment on on 2 day of the Medrol DP for inner ear inflammation. Thank God, there are no side effects with them. Im having terrible problems with vertigo, my doctor is guessing its from the gunk in my head causing inner ear inflammation. This is my 4th pack since January. Now the mission is to stop the congestion in my head, so Im Allegra and Flonase. This is my second week. Are they pretty successful? Im completely new to allergies, never had them in my life until they downloaded themselves on to me, just out of the blue!!!