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I am familiar with the term "allergy eyes". However, I'm thinking that doesn't work for the problem I am experiencing. For the past 5 days my right eye has been draining and draining. I have prescription eye drops, they do nothing. And I have been taking my allegra which also does nothing. I am completely fine when it comes to my allergies, I haven't had any lately b/c I have been taking so much to try to stop my eye. The water (or whatever it is) is not coming from my tear duct its just coming from my eye. It looks like I am constantly crying and I am embarrassed to go into public without my sunglasses on. I have to constantly hold a tissue up to my eye to let it drain, especially when I am driving which has made it look like I have a black eye. I can't wear makeup and I have not used any new products to make my eye do this. I don't know if this goes hand in hand with "allergy eyes" - I thought that just meant red and itchy. My eye is not itchy nor is it red (except from the tissues). I am going to the doctor on Thursday but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?? It feels like I am stuck underwater (not to mention my vision in my right eye is completely blurred) and it's rather annoying!

Any help would be appreciated!!!