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Amoxicillian doesn't do alot for me either. Ive had my symptoms since November, took amoxicillian at first and it didn't help much, then a month or so later, I was put on prednisone for just a few days, it helped some but again it all came back. So I went to the Dr. yesterday, and had a long talk with her about my symptoms and how long its been going on. SHe prescribed me zithromax 2 x a day for 3 days, and then she wants me to repeat it. Also put me on allegra and flonase. Silly me hasn't started it yet, cause ive had alot to do and i don't know how its going to affect me, so i'm waiting for the weekend. Hopefully this will help, cause the next option is a CT scan to get a look at my sinuses. Hope this helps cause that could mean surgery. Hope the augmentin helps you.