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I have severe allergies and have always taken allegra. I did once take clariton but it has no effect on me. Recently I went to my doctor to get a refill on the allegra and my new insurance completely declined this. I am so upset because I have no idea what to do. Does anyone here have any ideas of anything over the counter or herbal remedies??? I am desperate as I am completely miserable. Anything will help!!!

Have you tried Zyrtec? Which antihistamines will your insurance cover? I would try one of them and go from there. IF none work but the Allegra, your doctor should be able to contact them for you and get it approved. Allegra did nothing for me...nor the Claritin...so I'm sticking to my Zyrtec. At least I know my insurance will cover it as it is the only one "officially" approved for cat allergies and cats are my #2 allergy.
Quote from nadyjo:
There are other remedies. Could you please describe your symtoms in detail.
What brings it on
When is it worst
Is discharge clear,runny,stuffed up ect..
Does anything make it better?besides meds
Is it worse on one side or the other

And I will find the right one for you!


You are so wonderful Nadyjo!!!!! Here are the answers to your questions...

symptoms: itchy, watery and red eyes, sometimes hives on my face, i have a new breakout on my neck almost every week now it seems (only the left side of my neck)-my doctor told me it was a new product i used but i no longer use it and the rash still comes back, i sometimes get odd rashes on my hands (mainly my fingers) that look like little pimples that itch crazily and pop), runny nose, sneezing constantly, sometimes i also get so stuffed up my nose no longer functions and when i swallow my ears pop, also ive noticed i can only breath out of one of my nostrils at any given time (i dont know if this is normal though?), about two weeks ago my right eye started running constantly (for 9 days straight) i believe it was allergies but my doc said it was allergies and the smallest bit of pink eye ever.

what brings it on: perfume, dust, dogs, cats (i have two of both animals), this spring has been really bad (although i dont know what causes it during spring), sometimes grass, dog saliva (may sound weird but if they lick me i get hives and rashes for hours), my boyfriends face if he hasn't shaved in a while (when that happens it is huge and extremely itchy and bright bright red)

when is it worst: all of the time

anything make it better?: nothing i have found so far. i use nasal spray and that has never seemed to work. i also use eyedrops for my eye allergies but those burn and have to be used constantly (more than twice a day) to even begin to work, ive used that itch cream that is supposed to get rid of itchyness but it only slightly reduces it

i really feel like i have no options left especially since i only react to the prescriptions that they are saying i can no longer have (i could of course pay over 100 bux a bottle). i have always had severe allergies and i have learned to deal with my life with allergies but allegra constantly helps enough to get my mind off of my allergies and on to my work or my school or my life! its embarassing to go out sometimes b/c my eyes get so bad i cant wear makeup and they are dark and puffy constantly now, i also have to load up my purse with tons of tissues which is disgusting! thank you so much for being willing to help!!!!