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Hi all, I've read through so many posts and I like one person mentioned I am also shocked by the amount of people with vertigo :eek: I went to the allergy doctor today and he said AntiVert works really well with vertigo. He said its been around for 40 years and to take it when I get the bad spinning attacks and it should work after about 30 minutes and abort the attack (which in my case lasts up to 8 hours). Has anyone used this before? Im having an allergy test on Friday so hopefully that'll tell me a lot more. Oh, another interesting point he said, he asked how long I've lived where Im at. I told him just over 2 years (we're in Texas) He said that when people move, its around the 2 year time frame when you start to notice allergies taking effect on you from your surrounding environment. (this generally applies to people like me who've never had allergies in their life). He also said Flonase is better then Allegra!!! That shocked me. I started on both 11 days ago, and Im nervous being off the allegra until after the allergy test, but he said the Flonase is much better at protection then allegra. Interesting!