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Today i met with an allergist for a second opinion on my chronic sinus problems and impending FESS - surgery.

Well he says that the doc - ENT - has a reputation for being overly aggressive to do surgery. New doc actually said this ENT is in it for the money - and therefore does lot's of surgery. I was surprised to hear a doc have such an outspoken opinion of another like this.

So after another round of allergy testing - Allergist says I am one of the most allergic people he has ever met. - sheesh.

He also was very emphatic that I don't rush into this surgery - asked me to cancle it 5 times during my visit. He wants to try medical management and see if that helps first. Put me on allegra and singulaire, with flonase spray 2 x per day.

So now looks like I will cancle my surgery and see how this goes for at least a month - and then get another ent opinion too.

So anybody out there taking singulaire and allegra/antihistamine for nasal allergies?

MumblyGumby :dizzy: