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I am currently on my 5th day of a severe spring allergy attack. If I only get these in the spring, would that mean it is a pollen allergy? I got it last spring too, very severe. It only affects my eyes & lips. They both get very swollen & itchy (burning type itch). I take Claritin D in the morning, but it is supposed to last 24 hours and it doesn't. THen in the early evening I have to take two Benedryl pills. Is that too much? If I don't take the benedryl, then I can't sleep & can't stop rubbing my eyes. I know the instructions say one a day, but that just doesn't work. Is it okay to take claritin & benedryl in the same day? I'm wondering if my insurance would cover Zyrtec or Allegra? Do those last all day???? Thanks in advance!!
I have spring time allergies too, specifically tree pollen, which is what I'm guessing you have too. Oh man I'm miserable right now. My allergist thinks allegra is the best, but I'm on claritin now since my insurance company doesn't cover allegra. Claritin isn't cutting it this year as far as post nasal drip and my asthma go, so I made another appointment with the allergist this week. The nurse in the office said that in the meantime, I could take benadryl at night as long as I'm not driving anywhere. So I don't know about dosage, but it seems to be okay to take one on top of the other.

I think the benadryl made me feel miserable last night though, I got such bad dry mouth I had trouble getting to sleep.
Sounds like allergies and yes a lot of people are suffering now. I'm taking Zyrtec and take it at night. I've tried Claritin-D, allegra and benedryl and all those do not work for me. When I'm congested, my doc gives me Deconamine. That will get everything flowing when really stopped up. I know you aren't suppose to share meds, but my dad was miserable one night and gave him my Decomamine. He said that stuff was a miracle for him. He could finally get a good night sleep, before he was soooo stopped up and just tossed and turned all night long. Good luck!
Just curious....Who has a health insurance plan that still covers Zyrtec and Allegra? Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California have dropped them both from their formularies since Claritin went OTC!

zuzu xx
My insurance company Cigna still covers Allegra and I also take singulair and they pay for both. I am in Pennsylvania
the military healthcare (tricare) covers both, but discourages the use of Allegra because it is apparently more expensive. Doctors are only supposed to prescribe it if Zyrtec makes the patient too drowsy to function.
BC/BS of Alabama covers both Allegra and Zyrtec. I'm surprised at all these that have dropped Zyrtec since it's the only one FDA approved for animal allergies. Would seem that they would have to allow it if you have cat/dog allergies and OTC one don't work.
I'm with BC/BS of Texas and covers my Zyrtec not sure about Allegra since it does nothing for me, but the cost is high! They have ranked my Zyrtec in the 3rd tier, so that's $50 for 30 pills. It's worth it since it's the only thing that works for me.
I've tried everything, I have been suffering for years at this time of year. I am a 47 yr old male, nothing seemed to work. Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, but this year I finally got some relief by taking, believe it or not. Childrens Benedryl easymelt tablets. I can breath, and sleep all night. Only take one in the morning.
Thanks for all your replies!

Blue Cross and Blue Shield are two completely separate companies in California...(it's not BC/BS here... and I still don't quite understand, if they have the same names, why it varies so much state-to-state) and as I said, neither covers Allegra or Zyrtec anymore here.. I mean one would think Blue Cross is Blue Cross, whether "merged" or not. (!).
Anyway, I'd kill for some (insured) Zyrtec!

zuzu xx