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I had a sinus infection, which has cleared up, but was still dizzy, lightheaded, the doctor put me on Prednisone for 6 days, the pressure appears to be better in my head, however, I feel like a running faucet, mucous is coming out of me like buckets. I take Allegra in the morning along with Nasonex and Singulair at night before I go to bed. The doctor also has me taking mucinex so that the mucous keeps flowing. I am still lightheaded and have low energy, but I am wondering if the allegra and the singular are not working that I have this much mucous....do I need to take a decongestant like Sudafed to dry all this up...

I have always had allergies this time of year, but never this bad, this has been going on for 5 weeks now. Any thoughts, should I call my allergist?
How long have you been on all the meds? 5 weeks? I've never been on singular, but allegra didn't do a think for me. I posted a reply to another about a decongesant that I love called Deconamine. But, if everything is draining for you the you need an antihistamine (spelling?). I'm taking Zyrtec to block out the stuff that's floating in the air and it seems to be helping. I take it a night because it makes me a little sleepy. If you aren't feeling better by now, I would call your doc back or try and get in to see an allergist. I have many friends that never had any allergy problems and now suffer. It's not uncommon. It's bad out there right now, depending on where you live, but I'm in Houston and it's bad here. Good luck!