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Anybody taking allegra and or singulair??

I have been taking both of these for a few days and feel a little funky.....wonder if it's from the drugs????

Mostly tired, sort of on edge too.......is it me or the drugs?

Thanks for your help.

Mubly :yawn:
I take Allegra in the morning and Singulair before bed and I don't every remember having any adverse reactions to them. The doctor just switched me to Allegra D for a few weeks because I am having a hard time with Fluid in my ears and I know last night I didn't sleep, I don't know if that was because of the Allegra D
Hi Mubly, I'm taking singulair and levocetrizine. Don't think I had any side effects to them... perhaps the allegra that you took could make you fatigue as it's an antihistamine. Hope you feel better soon. And if you still funky, go check with your doctor! Cheers. :wave: