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I should have probably made my name in here "Bubbleboy". I am 10 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee, which I've been told is the armpit of America for allergies. I am in the same boat - ridiculously exhausted the last two weeks, because my allergist is closed this week and have not had a shot in almost two weeks now. I work nightshift 8:00PM - 04:30 AM, so I sleep during the peak allergy time each day, which helps but also stinks in its own way.

It is spring and temps are mild here 60-80 for highs and 30's for lows. This time of year people like to open windows, my wife being one of them. If she opens windows, I ask that she not open any in our's or the kids' rooms so allergens do not get on the bedding.

I take Allegra-D (one tablet - twice daily) and when stuffy or hard to breathe though nose, I use a couple puffs of Rhinocourt Aqua, but only when absolutely necessary.

Here is how I manage in these tough times:
1.) Get an allergy shot weekly or more often than you usually do. Especially if I feel stuffy, my hands begin to peel, get oral ulcers (stomatitis), excessive fatigue, mental fog, etc. The shots (2 syringes) will make my arms knot up and get hot, especially the grass (like holding a flame under my arm). Told you I'm a bubbleboy! Take Allegra-D before going for shot early in the morning. After shot I take a pain reliever for the achy joints that result from the shot - feels like you took a beating or have the flu. Now shower and go to bed. Take just enough pain reliever to take edge off body aches.

2.) Use pleated filters in heat/AC system - far better filtration. Never use washables - ripoff and not very effective. However, no need to spend over $ 6.00 for a throw away - one per month.

3.) Shower/Bathe before getting in bed or putting head on pillow after being outside or at least wash hair, because pollen gets on pillow and you roll your head around in it and breathe it and you need good rest that only comes through little exposure when you sleep.

4.) Wear mask when cutting grass and go inside while neighbor mows. I try to mow when they do.

5.) Vacuum daily and leave the room/area for at least 30 minutes afterwards so dust will settle. Also dust with damp cloth.

6.) Avoid perfumes, instead use clear body sprays.

7.) Keep windows closed when driving and put air on Re-circulate instead of fresh. This is helpful when passing someone mowing the roadside. I have an overpass that I must travel to the allergist and it passes over a D.O.T. test area (tall grasses and weeds that they test for pollution effects from cars on highway) and the pollen coming out of it without mowing it hits me instantly and without warning like a punch or like I would imagine pepper spray feels.

8.) Stay inside when possible, avoidance is key.

I hope everyone gets feeling better soon.
The Bubbleboy

I did have a sinus infection and they had me on z-pack 2 weeks ago and they are telling me the sinus infection cleared up. I only have clear fluidy mucous coming from my nose now. My real problem is the fluid in my eustachion tubes, that just won't seem to let up and I take allegra along with sudafed and nasonex in the mornings and singulair at night.