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You should call and ask if you can switch to Allegra without the D and add the D (Sudafed) on your own in the AM and early afternoon. Lay off it at night. Or, take the Allegra D int he AM and benedryl at night...or, take one benedryl at bedtime to counteract the D. The "d" part of the Allegra is probably what's keeping you awake.
Just ask your doc the best way to work around that.
I couldn't agree more with titchou.

I was on Allegra-D for a while, but I also had trouble with feeling shaky, unable to sleep. Finally looked into plain old Allegra, and just added a Sudafed as needed. I also found that if I took an Allegra-D after 2 or 3 pm, then I had even more trouble sleeping.
Spoke to doctor, he told me to stop the allegra d and go back to my regular allegra and just take over the counter sudafed in the morning and early afternoon and then nothing