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For about the past 6 weeks I am dizzy, I feel like I am not in my own body sometimes. I do have allergies and the pollen is bad, but I take allegra, nasonex, Astelin, Singlulair, Mucinex, sudafed and benadryl at night and nothing helps this dizziness go away. The doctor said I have fluid in my eustachian tubes, okay, so how do I get rid of it.

My friend told me to drink lots of hot things, that hot things clear you out more.

anybody have any advice, this is getting old.
Have you been checked for a sinus infection? I had the same dizzy thing and come to find out it was a sinus infection.
I took Allegra and Singulair and the Allegra made me even more dizzy and the Singulair kept me up all night.
Six weeks of antibiotics finally got rid of it.