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Have either one of you had the RAST? That's the test for food allergies. I am really interested to see if the cross reference for the environment inhaled are correct.

It seems as though I have an allergy for every season of the year. If it isn't pollen, its mold, or dust mites (of course they are year round). I am also allergic to cats and I have 3 of them. I don't think that they are effecting me as much as the others though. I just went out to work in my garden, and was out there for only about 1/2 hour before I could tell that I couldn't take a breath without choking. I can't give up my life so I guess that I need to do the shots.

sneezydiva-what operation did you have that corrected alot of your problem? I haven't heard of anything like that. I have constant PND, dry itchy nose, blury, itchy eyes, itchy and tender ears, headache, and then my throat feels like its closing up once in a while. These are pretty much every day. I am taking Allegra and using Nasarell.