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Wow I just kinds stumbled across this forum. I am 22 and when I was 16 I developed these terrible headaches and this constant cloudy feeling. I thought I was going crazy. After a few months of this I went to see my doc. Who treated me for a sinus infection. Symtoms still persited. Miserable feeling, fatuige headache ringing in ears. The strange thing was I have no discharge my nose actually bleeds through most of the winter. I think the worst part was the constant fog I was in. I could hardly think. So doc put me on allegra d and this seemed to take the edge off of it.

Also during this time I broke out int some crazy hives after eating some shrimp (witch used to be my favorite food) The hives were everywere I looked like a monster.

So long story short I am now 22 and still suffer EVERYDAY some days worse than others. I have learned to cope I have seen some specialists tests say im allergic to everything. Also had a ct done hoping that it would show some sorta smoking gun. But it reavealed no major problems other than a slightly devaited septum. Still have that cloudy feeling most days. I take a claritin and a steriod nasal spray every day. Witch im not happy about im 22 and dont want to be on meds. Also I worry about long term affects of these drugs.

I am learning its all about the immune system. I did alot of drugs when I was younger and I assume I musta threw my body out of wack. I am currently trying to put the wack back in it. I am currently exploreing more natural methods and have seem some improvement. And hope to see more.

Its been 6 years since I felt normal and I wonder if I will ever feel normal like I once did.

Thank you all for suffering with me