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Quote from mae_mae:
OK i have anxiety disorder for about 3 years and i always think there is something majorly wrong with me. I've had blood tests urine tests upper GI heart ultra sound and tons of EKGS and all was normal. Now i have this feeling of fullness in my temples and forehead that doesnt hurt its just like a pressure/fullness. My ears feel clogged and sometimes when i lay down my nose is stuffy. At first I thought it could be TMJ....but now i think well maybe it is allergies. But i've never had allergies before. And I dont get this feeling all the time. It comes and goes. And when it comes it usually lasts a few days then goes away. Right now in my town the tree pollen is very high...but I dont think you can just get allergies out of the blue can you???....i've never had them before.....I dont have sneezing watery eyes just what i listed above can anyone help me please??

mae, your symptoms sound exactly like mine - and I do have severe allergies. When the grass and trees are pollenating, my head has such severe pressure in it that I feel like someone had their hands around my head and pressing their thumbs on my face. It really hurts, the pressure is so bad. I just had to get a steriod shot this week and another Nasal Steriod inhaler to help. Try some Allegra D or over the counter Claritin D and see if it helps.