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Quote from lopers00:
here in nor. california it seems like this allergy season is just out of control, for me i am tired and miserable and suffering from all the standard symptoms, its almost hard for me to function! i dont know if its all the cars and pollutants, the heavy rain we had earlier than normal or the consistant showers on and off even now during may causing more blooming and flowering than normal! whats it like where yall are? what do you think about this season?

Lopers00 - I live in Ohio, and I can tell you that my allergies have been in over-drive already for months. Daily headaches, constantly stuffy nose. I've tried Nasonex, Flonase and now Rhinocort - I don't notice ANY change while using these. I'm afraid I'm going to have to start thinking about allergy shots again.

Been through Seldane-D, Claritin-D, Allegra & Allegra-D, Clarinex, Zyrtec, and a few others. I currently take an Allegra in the am, and after lunch, the headache starts...I keep disolving Benadryl-D tabs in my desk in such cases. Hate to use this stuff, but the congestion ALWAYS leads to headaches. Maybe northern Canada would be better for me...?
Tranzwarp - what part of Ohio are you in?

I'm in Cincinnati, and was basically doin "ok" with my sinuses until the past week or so.

I take an allegra each morning, along with a puff of nasonex.

But for some reason, the past week, I've had a headache every day (mostly forehead and around eyes), and my forehead and eyes are warm all the time.

Like I mentioned before, I didn't have any of this going on until just recently, and it's very depressing and irritating to feel like this, even after taking my medication.

I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis about a year ago, and had endoscopic sinus surgery to remove an infection, so once I was through the recovery stage, I had a decent summer, fall and winter.

But now I'm back to feeling like crap again!

I second that, I'm in N. Tx south of Dallas. Allergy season has been constant since we've not really had winter, just a long fall or mild season. Ears itch, throat hurts/itches, sinuses ache every time the wind changes. Allegra every day, flonase. I usually get a break from allergies during the winter and summer, but not this year.