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There are other allergy pills with the -D component. You should call your insurance company and find out what is covered before you go to the doctor. There is an Allegra-D, Claritin-D (OTC), and maybe some others. But there are other options that are all fairly interchangeable (although not all of them work the same for everybody). So check with the insurance to see what is covered, then ask the doc which one of those would work best.
I've had pretty good luck with Allegra in the morning, and Sudafed before dinner. Zyrtec didn't do a thing for me.

If you want a REALLY powerful antihistamine, go with the oldest and best; Chlor-Tremiton. This stuff blows doors off any of the new medications, but for the first few days you will be very tired. Your body will adjust though, and after that, you will be fine. I am very sensitive to medication, and I was able to tolerate it. I felt much better by about the 4-5th day; no more chronic dizziness, lightheadedness, and swollen eyes.