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I've always had allergy problems, but the past few years, they have gotten worse. When I was younger, my mom and regular doctor wanted me to go to an allergest and get the shots, but I fought it as much as I could, and unfortunately, won that battle because I was put on Hismanal and took it daily and all was fine.
However, I now live in an area that is notorious for seasonal allergy problems. Additionally, I am allergic to dust and mold, and have chemical sensitivities, I guess it's called, to cigarette smoke.
At any rate, I have taken a new job which involves going into houses with a lot of times, less than ideal conditions on the inside. I thought my allergies wouldn't be too bad, even with this, because my doctor has me on Singulair, Allegra-D, and Flonase. However, last week I ended up going into one such house and my allergies flared up less than a half hour after leaving (and we were only in the house 15 minutes). Because of my allergies, I also lost my voice pretty much completely for 2 days, and today, a week later, I called my grandmother and she didn't even recognize my voice. My allergies have caused me many problems in the past, and often make me sound very congested, but this is the first time ever that I have lost my voice to that extent.
They have indicated that the plan is to move me to a position in which you don't go into a house until it is in better shape. I was told going in that the main reason they wanted to start me in this position I'm in now is so I will have a good idea of it all. My boss is super nice, and I don't want to sound whiny or anything or like I'm complaining so right now I am really hoping the move is sooner rather than later or that I can get allergy medication better suited to my new situation. I've also called and told my doctor about the situation to see about whether my medications should be switched given the change of circumstances, which I'm hoping will solve it.
She gave me a month's worth of samples of Allegra 180 to see if that works better. Is Allegra good for indoor allergies, too? I was told that by some pharmacists I asked, but other pharmaceutical ads and the Allegra website stress seasonal allergies.
I hope this makes sense. I'm just concerned that if the Allegra-D didn't work, the 180 isn't going to be much better. And I'm in training so I won't be in another house to see about that until close to the time the samples are done (I use a mail order pharmacy through my insurance so you have to allow at least 14 days to get the medication).
The 180 is a larger dose than 2 Allegra-D's , I think. And if needed you can take it with a 12 hour sudaphed. IMHO the "indoor" vs. "outdoor" is mostly a marketing gimmic. But in my experience, Zyrtec just works better than Allegra.

Something I do, if I know I'm going to be around something that might set my allergies off, is carry around some children's benedryl pills. The chewable's act real fast, and 1 pill is the equivilant to 1/2 an adult capsule so you don't totally overdose on antihistimines.

Are you getting allergy shots?