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Okay, I am back, y'all. My bp today was 124/84 and considering that I was busy as heck and I've been taking allegra and Nyquil for this allergy/Bird Flu/SARS/1918 Flu Pandemic thing I just got, I thought it would be higher but it was okay... I am still compiling numbers from my nurse/machine comparison experiment and soon I will be able to post some kind of analysis. My nurse friend--who I will henceforth call "Pamela Anderson in a nurse outfit" or Pammie for short--says that it might just be that the cuff is too big for my arm. I noticed that when Pammie puts that stethoscope circle on me, it is right on the vein, while the cuff has that circle thingy higher up on the bicep. Could this be causing the higher numbers on the machine? Wouldn't it have been better engineering to have had a circle thingy hanging off the cuff that we could position it right on the vein like the doctors do? Does that make any sense? Should anyone make money off this idea just remember where you got it from, okay? Well, anyway, things are looking up. Finally.