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Stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, very itchy and PUFFY...i dont get the scratchy itchy throat but i have a nagging dry cough and sneezing every once in a while. The worst of it is feeling so plugged up with sinus headaches. The best way to describe it is like someone inflating a balloon in my head if that makes sense. It does to me. I am also extremely dizzy, all i have to do is move my head and i feel like im high almost and have constant stomach issues. I'm on nasocort nose spray water based not alcohol, and now i gota presctiption for allegra. I have two cats and ive always been allergic to thenm to some degree but my allergies have never been this bad. I just moved from south florida to north florida and my cats got sick during the transfer and a stay at kennel. After they got sick i started getting really sick and im wondering if i cought something from them. Ive been CONSTANTLY sniffling, really runny nose ever since then. Is it coincidence or the atmosphere of north florida? This is depressing me so much. I cant focus, im really irritable and depressed and i know it sounds rediculous but it has KILLED my social life. Also,i forgot to mention that i have recently developed breathing issues after walking a very short distance. Can it be asthma ? How do i find out if its asthma compared to just being out of shape?

When i go into stores, i also go nuts, my whole body goes bazurk with allergy symptoms, is it the dust or is this all my damn anxiety? I suffer from extremee anxiety at times and the doctor seems to think many of my problems are caused by it, even though he only saw me once, he derrived this from one meeting:/ ....healso said i shodul go on Lexapro as i told him my shrink suggested it for my anxiety and depression....im not one to just bow down to the pill , especially ones that come with so many bad side effects but maybe it is my anxiety....regardless, he was really quick to write me off and THIS IS AN INTERNIST, arent they supposed to be a bit more concerned?

I need help and the doctors wont take me seriously. I plan to take allegra ( generic) but ive heard bad things about side effects... i have a VERY sensitive stomach...can anyone give me some advice if youve been through horrible allergies?? Id really appreciate it.
My family has the best results with.. Zrytec, Dynex or Crantex (for my 4 yr old), nasonex, singular, and saline nasal rinsing.

The generic Allegra didn't work nearly as well for us.

I'm on Zyrtec and i'm not even sure it's working..or maybe the allergies are just so bad this year but i'm sure without it i'd be even more miserable. Zyrtec only gave me drowsiness for like 2 days then I was fine. Take it at bedtime and you should be good. Good luck with the Allegra!
Prescription allegra (not generic) has always been great for me. Zyrtec is also good.

I developed a terrible head pressure/ear problem which caused dizziness and nauseau about a month ago. I went to all sorts of specialists, and the allergist thinks it is allergy related (something causing fluid buildup in some location in my ear). The thing is that no one could help me. (It also caused very loud buzzing in my head). My regular doc tried me on antibiotic to see if was a strange sinus infection, and it totally went away! Somehow the antibiotic got rid of it. So, you might want to try that. If your symptoms are anything like mine, then I feel for you; the pressure in my head and the noise nearly drove me mad because I could never escape from it!
Also check for molds in the place you're now living. The high humidity in FL can definitely cause mold problems. And just because you can't see it, doesn't necessarily mean it's not there. But I would guess it's something different about where you're living that's causing the problem, and not your cats.

I use several different things, but for airborne allergies, Allegra-D works really well for me, although the 24-hour lasts only about 12. None of the allergy meds last but about half the time for me. So on bad days, I take Allegra-D in the morning and Claritin at night since it doesn't keep me awake. I don't always need anything at night though since we installed a super HEPA filter on our air conditioner. It's awesome!

I hope you get to feeling better. :cool: