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Hi KLA! I sympathize with you completely. I am allergic to ALL dyes--yellow, blue, red from external and internal sources. I can't use hair dye, have to be careful of dyes even in clothing as well, and some of the things you wouldn't think of right off the bat have food dye in them. For instance, I didn't think about barbecue sauce on chicken and about a month ago, I put some on when I was cooking and BOOM! I was covered even more so with hives because good old red 40 was in it. I was tested 6 years ago--they do the testing on your back for all external allergens and it showed that I was allergic to nickel, PPD(found in hair dye), rubber, latex--you name it, they found it!! I still have a problem with hives right now, but they're finding it might have to do with my gall bladder and the junk in my system. God bless and I hope you feel well soon--Hopeto-- PS They alternate my antihistamines: Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra. Right now I take 1 claritin in the am and two zyrtec at nite.