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I've always gotten some tough allergy episodes. I got into sneezing fits, get the itchy red eyes, scratchy throat, feel like crap, etc. This summer I had been fine for the most past but just a few days ago I started to get this pressure in my head. It was more in the front of my head and behind my left eye. Sometimes if I gave my eyes a good rubbing, the pressure would go away for a bit. Yesterday I had a period where I was feeling lethargic and dizzy but eventually it went away...and I had lifted weights about and hour or so prior to that. This morning I woke up with the slight pressure and I got a nose bleed from my right nostril. I was thinking of taking the Allegra I have to try and clear any blockage since it is in the general sinus area but what does everyone else think?
Well if it sounds like a definite sinus problem that makes me feel a little better. Today I have felt pretty tired and slightly woozy/dizzy but it is a lot better when I lay down. My nose isn't stuffy or running at all either. i took an Allegra and will take some Tylenol.