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I am sort of like you ... I'm actually allergic to "nature" and almost all animals. :) I went through the medications, celdane, claratin, zytec, allegra, singulaire... they helped a little bit but eventually I became immune or they just weren't covering all my symptoms. I can't take nasal sprays because they give me too many side effects.

I have 2 cats and I actually developed the allergy to them a few years ago. Same as you, I would have fits of allergies that would leave me miserable with a neverending stream of snot just flowing out of my nose.

The only thing that has helped me are allergy shots. I've been on them for a year now and I'm not 100% yet but I am at the point where I don't really need medication anymore. I also found a nasal spray that doesn't give me any problems called Veramyst. Its a steroid but its very mild and helps keep my nasal passages open as I tend to get sinus infections a lot.

I know what you're going through and I've had the crying fits and just feeling like I'll never be able to breathe like a normal person but you really need to go see an allergist and maybe start doing the shots. You're probably allergic to way more things than you think and they are all compounding on you.

I'm incredibly allergic to all trees and I'm mildly allergic to almost everything else. Mild allergies are fine...but when you have 5 of them irritating you at the same time, it can be pretty bad.

Oh, and you might try Muscinex D if you haven't already. Its a pretty darn good decongestant that helped me through some rough patches. Its over the counter.

Don't give up and see an allergist or even an ENT... I go to both. :) *Hugs*:angel: