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Yea, I can relate to your story. I used to be able to tolerate my allergies. Cause I can't stand taking medication... they give you medication for one thing and it causes 10 other things then you take more medication for the 10 other things... yuck!

My allergies used to be tolerable during the year and then only really bad in April and May but over the years, they just kept getting worse and worse. Then I developed an allergy to my cats and everything has gone downhill from there.

I really can't take it without meds... I get to the point where I can't breathe...sneezing constantly... I sneezed in bed for like 30 mins one night once. Its my sinuses that bother me the most. I just can't figure out why on allergy shots, allegra, & nose sprays that my nose is still clogged.

I need to go back to the ENT but I'm dealing with some other health stuff right now.... ug.... I just wanna be healthy. :)