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Hi there

I, too, have cat allergies, however, I have lived with cats for 10 years now. When I was a kid, I was very allergic to cats.

One thing you can do is open the windows to air out your house- even one room at a time. I have a HEPA air purifier in my bedroom & living room. Its a big one- if you get one, get a good quality one with HEPA (these things seem to have mixed reviews but it works for me.) Also, we take out cats to the groomer once a month. They don't appreciate it, but it cuts down on the dander.

Also, you could try the rule 'no cat in the bedrooms' for the kids or for whomever is allergic to it.

I use a simple saline spray in my nose 2x a day - once in morning, once at night. It clears my nose of pollens, molds & allergens. It doesn't really do much to control itchy yes, but it has prevented me from getting a sinus infection for the past year. Previously, I had been in and out of the doctor offices every other month with sinus problems until I found this suggestion somewhere on the net. My allergist agreed that it was a good idea to stick with it after he saw I hadn't been in for a year :)

Also, if there are spots where your cat sleeps or a bed it sleeps in, vacuum around it & wash the bed often- once or twice a week- or cover it with a blanket or a towel and wash that if you can't wash the bed.

If my eyes get itchy, I use OTC drops. I also take Allegra for seasonal allergies. I admire you for not 'getting rid of the cat.' There aren't enough homes for cats as it is :( My cat also doubles as an alarm clock. he has faithfully woken me up on time for work every day, but most importantly, when the power goes out (4 or 5 times), he continues his duty :) I cannot part with such a faithful friend. (Of course he just wants to be fed, but who cares, he gets me up on time :)

[QUOTE=suzie74;3328219]Thank you for your reply. I am going in for some allergy testing in a few hours and I am actually excited to find out what I am allergic to. The fatigue is driving me down. I am interested in finding some alternatives because my cat is treated like one of my kids. There is no way that we could ever get rid of him. If anyone has any advice on how to cut back on the cat allergens I would be grateful!