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Here's my story...my ENT took a gaze into my nose and noted some swelling in my sinuses, but very little buildup. She suggested to me I might have an allergy and put me on Allegra and Flonase (and did a nose culture, the results of which I am still waiting on).

I don't feel like I have an allergy issue, though. I used to have a mild allergy to cut grass, but I have since gotten over it. I don't cough or sneeze or have a runny nose, my eyes aren't itchy, I don't get rashes, and my breathing isn't any more labored than it already. All I have right now is some pressure in my sinuses and a low-grade headache that worsens a little at night.

If I had an allergy, wouldn't I be a little more...symptomatic? Can an allergy occur with such limited symptoms?
Thanks, Titchou. I know there are varying degrees of allergies, but I just always figured that people with allergies have a bunch of symptoms with varying levels of severity, rather than a couple of symptoms. Well if this is the case, I wonder what in the world I'm allergic to.

Honestly, I don't think what I have would warrant medication - if I had to live with the sinus pressure and headache for the rest of my life, I wouldn't mind. It's not all that bad, but we'll see. I just took my first dose of Allegra about an hour ago and my headache got worse (which is one of the side effects). Kinda defeats the purpose since my headache was one of the reasons I'm taking this stuff to begin with :D