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Hi, I'm currently in my fifth month of allergy shots and I have noticed an improvement in my symptoms already. I still take my daily antihistamines (Allegra) and nasal spray (Rhinocort). I have year round indoor/outdoor allergies, including a bunch of food allergies (which they don't include in the shots, I just watch my diet) dust mites are one of my biggies also. I did encase all my pillows, mattresses, used the rug treatments to kill the mites, hepa filters etc, but I really think it's almost impossible to completely avoid them.

This is my second time doing the shots. I did them for three years about 5 years ago. During that time I also had an improvement in my symptoms. My allergies never completely went away, and I still had to take daily medication, but they were much less severe and felt much more controlled with the medication. When I stopped, gradually, my symptoms became worse, and I also developed mild asthma. That's when I realized how much they really helped me, so that's why I decided to do it again.

As far as the needles go, they're very small and don't bother me at all. This time around I get only one shot each week, but the last time I would get two shots each time once a week, so you might want to find out how many you'll need ahead of time.

Good luck whatever you decide!