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I have just moved into a new house and my roommate has a cat

The symptoms I have are:
- Headache everyday
- Stuffy nose
- Discharge from eyes
- Itchy eyes
- Feels like stuff is in my eyes
- Sleepy

I already know that I'm allergic to cats (confirmed by a doctor) and I did not have any of these symptoms before she moved in so I figure it is the cat and not other allergies. I am also allergic to mold and dust mites. I already know some things to help like:

- There is no carpeting in the whole house. I have a throw rug in my room which I can wash in hot water.
- I don't let the cat in my room at all.
- I don't touch the cat at all.
- My bed has an anti-allergy mattress cover and I have an anti-allergy comfortor/pillow/pillowcases.
- The cat stays in her room at night and sometimes goes outside.
- I take prescription Allegra every morning.

However I still want more solutions because the symptoms that I have now are too much. I was wondering what your experiences are with air purifiers. I know they are expensive but I am willing to pay for one if it will help. Please recommend some to me! I will NOT have an ionic purifier in the house - I've had one before and any time I turned it on I got a migraine. Negative ions are a really obvious trigger for my migraines. Ionic purifiers don't even clean the air very well anyways. I want a true Hepa filter... my room is 10x10. Any suggestions?