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Well I went to the allergy specialist last Thurs and had the allergy skin test. On the scale of 0-4 I hit 4 for just about every pollen, cats and dust. I've been taking Allegra (fexofenadine) along with the ranitidine since then. Most days since then have been relatively good but not back to normal. Just less heartburn during the day and better sleep at night. Last night though I barely slept and haven't felt well today. Hopefully the antihistamine helps but I'm skeptical since my allergy symptoms weren't really bad when I started taking it. The allergy specialist did seem to think though that the pnd could be causing reflux issues. Did the mucinex help relieve the pnd?


I certianly am sure there is a correlation. I have allergic rhinitis and for a year and a half I went untreated. Half way throught that time I developed acid reflux, really bad reflux. I started taking an antihistamine a few weeks ago (three weeks total this Thursday) and I no longer require acid reflux meds. I was taking two Protonix daily and still having break through episodes, my doctors could'nt explain why.

I was shocked how fast it got better. I started taking the anti and mucinex and after one week I was taking one reflux tablet at night. By the second week it was every other day or when I felt the urge. This week I haven't taken any. I am drinking hot tea daily (decaf) and I had chocolate the other day and nothing. I had tomatoes on a burger the other night. I haven't tried alcohol or coffee but I plan to give it another month and try that as well.

I recently read an article on allergies and the PND. I learned that PND drains into your stomach daily about a quart is usually produced by everyone and your stomach acids destroy it. When you have PND from allergies you produce more PND which triggers your stomach to produce more acid to be able to destroy the extra PND or that's what I got from the article. I am paraphrasing the article but it made alot of since to me. It created the connection my doctors couldn't provide me with. On my last visit my doctor explained that acid reflux is differnt for each person and that most people's start for one reason and could stop for another, almost just as sunddenly. She then looked me in my eyes and said "since you require two tablets a day to function you may not be one of those lucky people" but I am.

I am now FINALLY getting my allergies isues under control so no more reflux. I am meds free. On days were I have more PND I have reflux but thank GOD I haven't had those days in two weeks so far. Now, if I could get rid of the remaining bad breath left from the PND life would be great again.

One more thing I use to feel nausea and stomach fullness when I had really bad PND too. I felt sick on my stomach all the time and bloated but that's better too, maybe others have experienced that. Last night I laid on the floor and did sit-ups--no problems!

I hope this helps you.